Graffiti in Rock Springs and Green River - May 31, 2018

GR graffiti.jpg RS Mural1.jpg

In the past month various graffiti tags have shown up in Rock Springs and Green River. The mural shown is located at Second and F St in Rock Springs and the wall shown is the American Legion in Green River, at 38 N Center St. The two incidents are possibly related and may be related to other recent incidents of graffiti.

Officer Welter from the Rock Springs Police Department is requesting information on these or other similar incidents. If anyone sees anything suspicious, or has any information as to who is doing these vandalisms, please contact Officer Welter at RSPD 352-1588 or Crime Stoppers on the web at 

Remember: You can always remain anonymous with your information and information leading to conclusion of this investigation may lead to a cash reward.

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