Sweetwater 311

Public Information Site for Sweetwater County, WY

March 23rd, 2020

STAR Transit is dedicated to providing essential transportation to the public during the COVID-19

pandemic. We realize that many of our clients depend on us to provide transportation to employment,

banks, grocery stores, and important medical treatments. We will be making some changes to our

services to try to accommodate our riders while focusing on keeping our drivers safe.



Starting on March 26, we will not be running our fixed route service in Rock Springs. Instead, we

are asking anyone who will need a ride to call by 3 p.m. the prior day and schedule the ride with

dispatch. The rides will now be a door-to-door service and we will be limiting the number of

riders on the buses. We ask that only essential rides be scheduled.



Smith’s (Rock Springs and Green River), Albertsons, and Wal-Mart have all posted hours for

seniors to be able to shop without the rest of the general public. We are going to accommodate

our seniors to be able to schedule rides to the stores in these hours. We will do this in lieu of

our normal shopping times for seniors, but if any of our seniors do need to go shopping at a

different time, they can call us by 3 p.m. the day before and we will try to accommodate their

requested time as best as we can.



There will still be shuttle service from Rock Springs to Green River and from Green River to Rock

Springs. The regular shuttle times will not change, but any of these trips will now need to be

scheduled in advance. The bus will not pick people up at the Park and Ride in Green River to

shuttle to Rock Springs or from the transfer station at Western Wyoming Community College to

shuttle to Green River without a scheduled trip.



In an effort to keep all of our riders and our drivers safe, we will be moving to a fare free system

starting March 23rd. STAR feels that not handling any cash or punch cards by the drivers or

clients is the safest way to operate at this time.

These changes are being put into place so that STAR can provide essential travel needs in our

community. We are asking that people limit their trips to essential trips only to reduce exposure for

other riders and our employees. We are asking that individuals that are sick with a fever, cough or

other symptoms please do not board the bus and contact their medical provider. STAR will continue

to provide these essential transit services to our community as long as we feel we can operate safely.

We are planning to run services with the changes above until April 10th unless circumstances force us to

change. We will keep the public informed of any changes that we need to make between now and then

and after April 10th.


Please be patient with our dispatchers and staff. We are trying to accommodate the current situation to

the best of our ability. Thank you all and please stay safe.